Palmex Pacific – Cook Islands
exclusive distributor of Palmex Products for the Cook Islands

The techniques of the future are drawn from the traditions of the past.

Tourism sites, hotel bungalows, swimming pools, beaches are integrated in the frame of this traditional covering.

The existing roofs, whether supported by old or recent framework, are excellent supports for our very easy to install material.

Once covered, roofs with a metal base or a continuous panel will have a new pleasing to the eye look, not to mention the fact that their lifespan will be considerably increased.

Roofs and their framework are erected using a unique, quick method.

The polymer we use provides our products with exceptional protection against ageing, at whatever latitude.



Constant technical innovation and regular testing guarantee the quality of all the products Palmex offers.

A unique, patented process ensures durability, waterproofness and solar protection.

Palmex is proud to be the first to offer this material as a substitute for natural leaves from different origins.



Palmex Pacific – Cook Islands
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